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New season

By AlexanDragon
5/04/2017 2:48 pm
I wish you all a fun season. Good luck!
(still hope i rekt all of you muahaha!)

Re: New season

By trslick
5/04/2017 6:29 pm
Good luck to you as well and to all!

Re: New season

By Dash
5/10/2017 3:52 pm
This team is not built for 0.4.1

Under performing very badly.. hit with hot reads left and right..if it wasn't for a prayer bomb and a 52 yd FG as time expired..this team would be 0-3. Gotta adjust and keep grinding out more wins hopefully!

Re: New season

By Gustoon
5/13/2017 7:26 am
He he he

Re: New season

By AlexanDragon
5/19/2017 6:11 am
I keep making rebuilding moves to Carolina but they keep pounding and theyre now at a reasonable 3-4 record.. Weird! I may have to trade early picks for next years drafts if youre interested.