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Bogus Point Spreads

By raidergreg69
6/05/2017 3:17 am
Idk how the system comes up with the point spreads but they are out of whack and don't consider team health. I am a 7 point favorite somehow despite having to start my #3 RB due to injuries to Cobb and Moreno, not to mention several other injured players sitting.

I'm almost willing to take Detroit and the points lol. About to find out about the games.

Re: Bogus Point Spreads

By raidergreg69
6/05/2017 4:33 am
Spoiler Alert!!!

Despite the 23-6 win I still don't think I should have been a TD favorite. I realize they can't account for lineup changes but my QB play has been crap all season and Detroit had already wrapped up their division.

It's all no big deal really, just pointing it out. What I find most curious is why do the spreads get set before free agency and the draft? In a new league especially. CUST-79 just began it's 3rd season like we will here soon and most teams have about half a roster yet there are point spreads all 16 weeks before free agency 1 runs.

I actually like having the spreads included, I just question how valid they actually are.